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ongoing projects

WAD Wednesdays
WAD Wednesday thumbnail
stochastic archaeology (on hiatus since May 2021)
Playscii thumbnail
ASCII art/animation/game creation tool
Game Tourism
Game Tourism image
tool-assisted meandering

Bot Projects
Twitter image
foolishness automata

Doom stuff
Doom image
labyrinth enhancers

No Man's Sky bases
No Man's Sky image
footprints across infinity

the castle on the cliff
Castle on the Cliff image
a recurring dream

Oblique Strategies for Doom level designers image
draw a card

old projects

Endless Ladder Climbing 2
Endless Ladder Climbing 2 thumbnail
made with Playscii

puddlejumper thumbnail
7-day design test for
Popular thumbnail
high school social simulation

Arcadia Demade
Arcadia Demade thumbnail
Bioshock -> Doom 2

Purity thumbnail
abstract + first-person +
expressive movement
u4mapvu thumbnail
basic map viewer for Ultima IV