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NOTE: Most of my Doom work now lives on my page! For convenience I made a collection of only my Doom work over there. Below are things that either have their own dedicated page here or don't quite belong on itch for various reasons.

Arcadia Demade Arcadia Demade Cacoward 2010
Doom 2 demake of my level from the first Bioshock. Works with any limit-removing port.
Status: Released
Download - Main page
Autobiographical Architecture Autobiographical Architecture
Story of my life, pal.
Status: In progress
Main page
Downloads a random map from the idgames archive and posts screenshots from it.
Status: Posting daily
Main page
Weaponless Player
Spawns the player without fist or pistol weapons. Useful for creating wander games. Zdoom only.
Status: Released
Replaces all weapons and pickups in Heretic with Doom equivalents. Shotgun mummies and skeletons. ZDoom only. You must own Heretic and Doom to play this.
Status: Released
Oblique Strategies for Doom level designers
A randomness-based creative aid, inspired by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's original Oblique Strategies.
Status: Released
JP's GZDoom autoexec.cfg
These are the settings I use when I play Doom. Drop it into your GZDoom exe / config dir. File has comments explaining what everything does.

You may also enjoy Lessons from Doom, my 2010 analysis of Doom's design that has proven very popular.

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