Doom stuff

NOTE: Most of my Doom work now lives on my page! For convenience I made a collection of only my Doom work. Below are things that don't quite belong on itch for various reasons.

Arcadia Demade Arcadia Demade Cacoward 2010
Doom 2 demake of my level from the first Bioshock. Works with any limit-removing port.
Status: Released
Download - Main page
Autobiographical Architecture Autobiographical Architecture
Story of my life, pal.
Status: In progress
Main page
Downloads a random map from the idgames archive and posts screenshots from it.
Status: On hiatus
Main page
Weaponless Player
Spawns the player without fist or pistol weapons. Useful for creating wander games. Zdoom only.
Status: Released
Replaces all weapons and pickups in Heretic with Doom equivalents. Shotgun mummies and skeletons. ZDoom only. You must own Heretic and Doom to play this.
Status: Released
JP's GZDoom autoexec.cfg
These are the settings I use when I play Doom. Drop it into your GZDoom exe / config dir. File has comments explaining what everything does.

You may also enjoy Lessons from Doom, my 2010 analysis of Doom's design that has proven very popular.

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