Gemini is a newish internet protocol that is designed to be much simpler, lighter, and less ambitious than the World Wide Web. I found out about it in early 2020 and watched with growing interest as people created lots of neat lo-fi, less media-intensive spaces. It feels a lot like the web in its earliest days, with people writing and posting info about whatever interests them. In November of 2020 I decided to set up a host for myself, running off the humble Raspberry Pi that runs all my twitter/mastodon bots. It's not a mirror of this website; rather I'm using it to post material that feels more appropriate to the format - mostly stuff that isn't anywhere else on my current online presence.

To access Gemini space, you can either use a web-based proxy, or download a client program, which functions very much like a minimalist web browser. Clients I personally recommend are Castor for desktop Linux, Ariane for Android, Geminaut for Windows, and Amfora for any kind of terminal environment.

Gemini is named after the NASA spaceflight program of the 1960s, and so people sometimes call their sites "capsules".

Without further ado: you are welcome to visit my Gemini capsule at gemini://!

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