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I’m guessing that by this point anyone who possesses rudimentary google skills and wants to know my full name, and the game studio I work for, can easily obtain such information. So it’s probably fine for me to mention these two things:

A brief teaser for the game I’m working on has found its way out into the world. Tantalizing. What could it mean? Wait and see!

Recently I was a guest on the weekly GameSpot podcast. I can’t remember saying anything particularly insightful, but if you like hearing me say “you know” a lot, this is right up your alley.

Oh, and thanks to Mr. Nowak for the recent mention!

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One Response to “The Real Job: Trailer, Podcast”

  1. Cortout Says:

    Well i don’t now if it’s the same with everybody, but I didn’t even think about doing this kind of research, and so all I can say is wow. I wish you good luck with the making of this game, wich has a beautiful univers, I think.

    I was wondering if being the lead level designer gives you emotionnal possibilitys. Does any of your choices on the level design can create emotions, if I rephrase. More generaly, can you define your job and tell the impacts that your choices can create, if we forget about basic “fun-based-gameplay”?

    Oh, and you have a wonderfull accent.