Intermission | vector poem

So, we shipped Bioshock 2. That’s good. Next month, the world will finally tell us whether we did a good job.

Now: resting up, rolling on to a cool new project. Making a DOOM map on the weekends.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, read some words Bruce Sterling spoke almost 20 years ago:

The Wonderful Power of Storytelling

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3 Responses to “Intermission”

  1. qubodup Says:

    Hi there,

    Congratulation on finishing a job!
    DOOM mapping in 2010 sounds fun.
    Do you have plans for purity?


  2. JP Says:

    Hi, good to hear from you!

    Here’s the deal with Purity. It’s a fairly multiplayer-focused game. To bring it to the next stage of realization, I think I’d need to enlist a community (albeit only a small group of people at first) to help test it and gather balance data. That’s what I found most difficult to get going when I was finishing up the build for IGF, even with several supportive friends and acquaintances.

    Besides that, I have a lot of other, smaller (read: easier to finish!) projects queued up that don’t have that requirement, and I’m way more eager to get to those first. Releasing things is good.

    Purity is still there waiting for me though, and I know that when I finally do return to it, I’ll be very excited to get players involved and bring it the rest of the way to being a for-real, solid multiplayer game.

  3. n0wak Says:

    Congrats on getting that monster out the door. Here’s to a well deserved break and smaller more manageable projects!