Purity: on progress updates2008.April.13

I’m still mulling over how best to unveil Purity to the outside world. Right now I’m busy just getting the game to a limping state – it’s buggy, ugly and not much fun, but so are most games this early in development. So it may be a while before you see any screenshots or links to playable builds.

There are definitely some posts I want to make that explain and illustrate the ideas behind the game. They wouldn’t be essential to enjoying or “getting” it, they’d simply provide some context for people who care about things like the process and intent – the sort of thing for which I created this site, really.

On the other hand, I really don’t want to fall into that classic game development trap of promising big early on, speaking in tantalizing abstractions, only to disappoint with a mediocre or ineffectively communicative final result.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained?


Hi. I’m JP. I make games. I have a pretty cool day job in the mainstream game industry, which I may or may not ever post about.

In my spare time I’m making a free game – open source, CC-license content – called Purity. Check back later for updates on personal projects and other goings-on.

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