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last updated 2019-02-17

No Man's Sky by Hello Games is a space exploration game set in an infinite procedurally generated universe. I've been playing since it launched in 2016 and have traveled its expanses far and wide - for a certain definition of far and wide - leaving behind bases in places I find beautiful, useful, or simply care to remember for some reason. Here's an incomplete catalog of the ones I've built.

You can visit any of these bases with the provided coordinates, provided that you possess the correct portal glyphs, are in Euclid Galaxy (the game's starting galaxy), and are playing on PC in Normal difficulty - unfortunately player constructions are isolated per-platform, so you won't be able to see these if you're playing on PS4 or Xbox One. See this page on the game's unofficial wiki if you're unfamiliar with portal travel. It's a great way to see what other players have managed to do with the game and a capability well worth attaining.

If you do visit, all of these bases have basic amenities like a trade terminal, large or medium refiner, save point, teleporter, etc. And if you enjoy an "egg hunt" style challenge, I've hidden one small diplo statue in or near each base. If you manage to find all or even most of them, send me screenshots!

New Arcadia

This was the first planet I visited in the Galactic Hub, and I was struck by how much players had built up the region right around the portal - it's the closest I've seen to a city skyline in NMS. So of course I wanted a penthouse view. I built this base around a very large specimen of L. Frostliateum, a native plant, rather than tear it down.
This base sports two farm domes (15 Glass and 1 Living Glass) and several mementos of visits to exotic worlds from shortly after the Visions update.

Portal Glyphs:

Galactic Coordinates: 042F:0078:0D55:0021

Pilgrim Star Visitor Center

In the early days after the game's release, one player decided to walk all the way around a planet. The system where they did this was dubbed the Pilgrim Star, and a base was established there during the Foundation and Pathfinder eras.
Captivated by the story of the Pilgrim's Path, I traveled there to see it for myself, and found no bases there since the NEXT update's universe reset. So I built the Visitor Center here, a minute's hike from the portal, with a monument to the Pilgrim to honor the place's history. And, of course, a gift shop.

Portal Glyphs:

Galactic Coordinates: 064A:0082:01B9:009A

Rainbow Farms

My main farm, built in a crater deep beneath the ocean surface on a torrid planet. Drop down the glass tunnel from the surface landing pad, but don't worry, you'll splash down safely and then be in the base proper. Farm domes here yield 8 Circuit Boards and 3 Living Glass per day. Feel free to use the nearby Nautilon mini-sub pad and go exploring the surrounding ocean.

Portal Glyphs:

Galactic Coordinates: 097E:0081:0EBE:0174

The Cave

I wanted to experiment with building a cave base in close symbiosis with the natural terrain, and chose to do so on this snowy planet with aggressive sentinels - keep your head below ground and they should leave you alone as you're exploring the extensive natural cave systems. Named in honor of the first project I worked on at Double Fine Productions.

Portal Glyphs:

Galactic Coordinates: 021C:0081:045B:0105

Hercules Monochrome

The strange atmosphere of this "mega exotic" world renders everything a deep amber color that I was immediately taken with. Also I wanted to try building a base that was integrated into an existing trade platform, and the system's Opulent economy means that fancy ships land here regularly. The massive plant(?) life and distinctive colors make for very memorable landscape views.

Portal Glyphs:

Galactic Coordinates: 0A7D:0082:01A5:01CA

Neo Pescadero

I landed on this very pleasant lush planet just after passing through a black hole, and used it as a jumping off point for the journey to the Pilgrim Star system. The weather is nearly perfectly calm so the base isn't much more than an outdoor platform. The planet's vast oceans were a nice place to experience the Abyss update. Named in honor of Pescadero, California.
Portal coordinates given here are for a portal on a nearby toxic world.

Portal Glyphs:

Galactic Coordinates: 066C:007D:0135:000F

House on the Rock

This base is built atop a high mesa on a desert moon, and features a long protruding glass walkway inspired loosely by the "Infinity Room" at the real life House On The Rock, a bizarre tourist attraction in Wisconsin.
An unusual density of other structures are all a short hop away: the wreckage of a large freighter, a trade platform, a Holo-Terminus, and an abandoned structure infested with monstrosities.

Portal Glyphs:

Galactic Coordinates: 019C:0083:0764:00A7

Bob's Starbase

I wanted to try my hand at building a "floating base", which involved claiming a spot on the surface of this eerily silent planet and building upwards, tearing down lower rungs to build ever higher. Visitors coming from space should have a much easier time getting here thanks to the three landing pads.
Named in honor of Bob's Starbase, a classic video arcade in San Rafael California that closed in 2013.

Portal Glyphs:

Galactic Coordinates: 042E:0079:0D55:012F

Chihiro's House

A short hop from the Galactic Hub, I found a nice quiet uncharted system with a calm oceanic planet to recreate my favorite shot from the classic Ghibli film Spirited Away.

Portal Glyphs:

Galactic Coordinates: 042D:0079:0D55:00EA

Bodacious Beta Quadrant (BBQ) Deck

I liked the view from this high mesa on a lush red planet dotted with crater lakes, and built a deck and two chairs. Not too much else here, just a nice place to watch the sun set with a friend.
Portal coordinates given here are for a portal on a nearby anomaly world.

Portal Glyphs:

Galactic Coordinates: 0D3B:0079:038C:0229

Watauga IX

My original homeworld dating back to the Foundation era. Originally an oceanic frost world, then a lush planet with teal and orange grass during the Atlas Rises era, now a pillared anomaly world. The base layout has changed very little since those early days even as the planet has regenerated around it.
Since the Visions update there is now a single species of non-hostile, but very shy, crystalline lifeform in the surrounding hills. If you visit, be a dear and feed them.

Portal Glyphs:

Galactic Coordinates: 04DD:007E:0E48:0096

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