puddlejumper screenshot


During March of 2011, I built a prototype as part of the test for a Feel Engineer position at thatgamecompany.

The assignment was to build something with a character moving through a 3D environment with juicy (audiovisual + kinaesthetically satisfying) feedback, in 7 days.

From the readme, a description of the basic gameplay:
Being heavy or light changes how you move through the world, and the effects of your primary action - bouncing - on the things in it.

I used the Purity code as a base because it was the fastest 3D engine I could get up and running with.

I'm reasonably proud of the prototype given that I had very little time to do it and was making things up as I went along. It was sort of like getting to do a jam game for a job application - neat!

Looking back now, I'm least happy with the on-screen text prompts - the game is so simple to figure out, there's absolutely no need to obstruct the player's view with such prattle!


windows build

source code (compiles in windows, OSX and Linux)


Note: You'll need a web browser that supports the HTML5 <video> tag to view the videos below. Mozilla Firefox is probably available for your OS!
Video capture: day 6 progress

Video capture: day 1 progress